Flex i18n with LocalizationsMaps, an amazing extension

Thomas Burleson created an unintrusive way to localize your Flex application using what he called a LocalizationMap. He expanded the EventMap concept to create a map where all the localization is done is a centralized place. That makes it super simple to update your locale. You don't need to jump around files, it is all in one place. And if you never open the LocalizationMap you will don't know that the application has different locales. This makes your views cleaner, because all the localization is in the maps.

If you need to work with different languages in an application, this is worth checking out. He has an introduction post and a video where he explains all the details.
Amazing i18n solutions for flex
flex i18n with localizationmaps video tutorial and source

As a side note, we love it when projects like this happen and that's the beauty of open source. You never know when someone will grab where you left and create something new that you never imagined. Great work Thomas.

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  1. Nahuel,

    Honestly, the original ideas and hard work were all done when you created Mate. You and Laura did a SUPERB job with that framework. The use of LocalizationMaps (using the Mate core) within a Cairngorm application is a great example of Mate's versatility. Kudos.

    - ThomasB
  2. Liked it a lot, I liked the clean Design View now.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great work! Thanks ;)
  4. Does any one here tried using this with a full Mate framework project?
    It's a bit confusing on the Cairngorm part since I haven't use that framework before. It would be nice if we have an example that shows a full mate framework for this library.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
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