IAction Members of the IActionList's actions array must implement this interface.
 AbstractAction AbstractAction is a base class for all classes implementing IAction.
 AbstractServiceInvoker AbstractServiceInvoker is the base class for all the IAction that have inner-handlers/actions.
 BaseAction BaseAction is the base class for all the IActions that have Properties
 CacheSetter CacheCopier Mate tag - adds an existing instance of a class to the specified Mate cache
 CallBack When placed inside a IActionList tag and the list is executed, CallBack will call the function specified in the method attribute on the target of the event.
 DataCopier The DataSaver tag allows you to save values into some object.
 InlineInvoker Allows calling an inline function (a function defined in the event map) or calling a static function in any class.
 ListenerInjector Registers an event listener object with an EventDispatcher object so that the listener receives notification of an event.
 PropertyInjector PropertyInjector sets a value from an object (source) to a destination (target).
 StopHandlers The StopHandlers tag lets you stop a certain IActionList before it reaches the end of the listeners list.