Download compiled library (SWC) version 0.9.1 - Flex 3 & 4

Mate is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.


SVN access

From version 9.0 on we will not be updating the SVN, please use GIT to get the latest source code

To compile, you'll also need to add this namespace:

and point it to the manifest.xml file included in the project (see screenshot).

You can also browse the source.


Git Repository

Git repository at GitHub. If you make changes and you are interested in getting them into the trunk, let us know.

Maven repository

If you are building a Mate project with Maven, you can add the dependency as follows:

In the repositories section:


In the repositories section:

mate-repository true false

In the dependencies section:

com.asfusion.mate mate-framework 0.8.9 swc


Maven POM to build Mate


Provided by Velo

Current documentation

Download PDF (always refer to the online docs for latest documentation)

API Docs (same as online reference)



View and download

Design mode warning

If you switch to design mode, you may see the following warning: "Design mode: Cannot load Mate.swc (reason: ERROR: Load Verify)" or "Design mode could not load Mate.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid. (DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeout)". This is a bug on Flex/Flash Builder that affects most swc files. If you Google it, you'll find that Cairngorm, swiz, PureMVC, and many other swcs have the same issue. Fortunately, this does not affect the compilation or your project in any way, so besides having the warning there, everything will be fine. I've tried it in Flash Builder and I was still able to use the design view. There is a bug logged for that at Adobe's bug tracker, which has apparently been fixed. But if it still prevents you from using the design view, and Adobe has not fixed it, you may want to try to checkout the source and build Mate using the exact SDK as the one you use in your project, use it as a linked library and remove the swc you downloaded.

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28 responses

  1. Thanks mate!!! it works great!
  2. Hi,
    Any idea when mate will be available in the maven repository?
    I'm trying to build my app with maven2 and it would be nice
    to be able to refer to mate as dependency...

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Hi GT,
    We had started working on the example updates. But I think the only posted was the hello world and flickrwidget ( ), so I guess it would be helpful if you send us the updated Cafe townsend.

  4. When release an extension that let us to use dataservice like any other service invoker?
    Actually i use cairngorm for it's ServiceLocator, and mate as framework.
  5. Hi!
    And when Change Log will be availible, it is interesting to see what's new done?
  6. Is mate compatible with Flex 4 Beta?
  7. Darren,
    Yes, it is.
  8. Fantastico!

    I can't wait to use this framework for the small to medium sized projects we have instead of some of the other "bloated" frameworks.

    Way cool!

  9. There's a misspelled function in the code - addReponderListener, everything still works though so I guess no worries. Other than that I love Mate!
  10. I guess the best way is to check it out as a new project in FB 4 and link to that project?
  11. Are there any plans to officially support the latest Flash 4 release? Is there a new Mate library coming?
  12. Now, I try the flash builder 4 release, when I import the mate_08_9, I get a warming:
    Design mode could not load Mate_08_9.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid.
    this warming cause the image can't be loaded successfully(when you give a sourse path to the image component, you can't review the image, and you can only review it on the IE after build ).
    Mate can't be used in the Flash builder 4 release ??
  13. I have the same problem as Collins.<br /><br />Design mode could not load Mate_09_9.swc.<br /><br />When will be next version of Mate?
  14. Adam,<br />See this thread: <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>;
  15. Thanks Laura,<br /><br />That makes me calm and relaxed ;)
  16. I have the same problem.
    Design mode could not load Mate_08_9.swc
  17. Ace,<br />Did you read my comment above? It's a Flex builder bug that affect ALL swcs.
  18. VivKap,<br />Mate already supports Flex 4.
  19. Lauca, <br /><br />Any solutions to avoid this Flex builder bug, you know, it is tough to program the UI without the design model.
  20. Colins,<br />The only way is to use the raw classes instead of the compiled swc.<br />Laura - some how I did miss your msg above, sorry must have been along day.<br /><br />Thanks Ace.
  21. Collins,<br />It will just give you the warning, but you can still use the Design View.
  22. I wonder if you could expand on the &quot;Design mode warning&quot; workaround above using a linked library? I downloaded the source, created a library project, added the new library project to the &quot;Library Path&quot; and I still get the &quot;DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeout&quot; warning. Is there something I'm missing? The problem is that having this warning prevents my images from loading in Design Mode.
  23. Please, deploy mate artefact version 0.9 to maven repository.
  24. I could be wrong but this 'warning' also seems to have an effect on older Flex projects being used in Flash Builder 4, IF you use design view (and IMO you're crazy if you don't take advantage of it). For some reason when including an swc (getting this design mode error) seems to cause design view to screw up it's css settings so what you're seeing in design view doesn't match the reality. Adding the files without an swc, the problem goes away... it may only apply to 4.1 sdk projects using Halo, too.
  25. Does mate supports Flex 4.5? I've been using mate for Flex 4.0 projects so I'm just wondering if mate supports Flex 4.5.<br /><br />Thanks
  26. Hi Albert,<br />Yes, it supports Flex 4.5
  27. Does mate 0.9 supports Flex 4.6 too ?<br />We are trying to change SDK <br />from FlexSDK3.2+Mate 0.8 to FlexSDK4.6+Mate 0.9.<br />So far so good. It seems working properly.<br />The project is for flash player 11 and not for Air.<br />Anyway, I just want confirm about it .<br />Thanks
  28. Hi Shinji,<br /><br />Yes, 4.6 is supported. We've used it in a few projects (AIR included).

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