Download compiled library (SWC) version 0.9.1 - Flex 3 & 4

Mate is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.


SVN access

From version 9.0 on we will not be updating the SVN, please use GIT to get the latest source code

To compile, you'll also need to add this namespace:

and point it to the manifest.xml file included in the project (see screenshot).

You can also browse the source.


Git Repository

Git repository at GitHub. If you make changes and you are interested in getting them into the trunk, let us know.

Maven repository

If you are building a Mate project with Maven, you can add the dependency as follows:

In the repositories section:


In the repositories section:

mate-repository true false

In the dependencies section:

com.asfusion.mate mate-framework 0.8.9 swc


Maven POM to build Mate


Provided by Velo

Current documentation

Download PDF (always refer to the online docs for latest documentation)

API Docs (same as online reference)



View and download

Design mode warning

If you switch to design mode, you may see the following warning: "Design mode: Cannot load Mate.swc (reason: ERROR: Load Verify)" or "Design mode could not load Mate.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid. (DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeout)". This is a bug on Flex/Flash Builder that affects most swc files. If you Google it, you'll find that Cairngorm, swiz, PureMVC, and many other swcs have the same issue. Fortunately, this does not affect the compilation or your project in any way, so besides having the warning there, everything will be fine. I've tried it in Flash Builder and I was still able to use the design view. There is a bug logged for that at Adobe's bug tracker, which has apparently been fixed. But if it still prevents you from using the design view, and Adobe has not fixed it, you may want to try to checkout the source and build Mate using the exact SDK as the one you use in your project, use it as a linked library and remove the swc you downloaded.

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28 responses

  1. The actual SVN checkout command is "svn checkout mate-framework-read-only". Not sure what the point of the URL mentioned above is.
  2. Hi John,
    The URL indicates the location of the repository. Perhaps that should be made more clear. If you use Subclipse plugin for Eclipse, that is the only thing you need. Adding the svn command to the url would only confuse those users.
  3. Thanks mate!!! it works great!
  4. Where can we download the 0.8.5 version?
  5. You can download all the old SWCs from google code.
  6. Hi,
    Any idea when mate will be available in the maven repository?
    I'm trying to build my app with maven2 and it would be nice
    to be able to refer to mate as dependency...

    Thanks in advance,
  7. Hi Laura and team,

    first off congratulations on creating such a fantastic framework and thank you all for releasing this as an opensource framework for us to use.

    I have worked with Cairngorm and PureMVC and i can see Mate address many of the concerns that i had with the other two frameworks.

    As part of my learning Mate....i was comparing the size of the swc files of all the frameworks and here is how they match:
    PureMVC (ver 2.0.1) => 12 KB
    Cairngorm(ver 2.x) = > 11KB
    Mate (ver 08.7) => 737 KB

    Can you help me understand why this is soo large ?.... I looked through the API docs....which has about 10 packages and less than 75 classes ... so what is adding to the bulk?

    I understand this may not impact the final size of the apps written using Mate...but just curious as to why the framework swc is so large.

    Thank you once again.

  8. GT,
    The fact that the last swc is so large has been an oversight and we forgot to compile it without the flex framework. See the previous ones, which are much smaller:
    Also see this thread:
  9. Thanks for the update Laura .... sorry i missed seeing the list of previous releases or the other forum topic that talks about this.

    By the way, i have updated the Cairngorm example to use CallBack and ListenerInjector .... instead of the mxml tags that were added to the view ... I know you guys must be i can send that to you ...and you can do a quick review and upload that .... so all the users will get the latest updated example.... kindly let me know where to send the updated example...

  10. Hi GT,
    We had started working on the example updates. But I think the only posted was the hello world and flickrwidget ( ), so I guess it would be helpful if you send us the updated Cafe townsend.

  11. Hi guys, will you be recompiling 0.8.7 without the Flex SDK as it's size is considerably large, especially when used in an AIR application
  12. Andrew,
    We've released a new version, with the correct settings (removing the flex framework). But let me note that the size of the swc file is unrelated to the size of your air app. See forum thread I posted above.
  13. When release an extension that let us to use dataservice like any other service invoker?
    Actually i use cairngorm for it's ServiceLocator, and mate as framework.
  14. Hi guys, glad to see a new version but another big one! 740kb!!
  15. Hi!
    And when Change Log will be availible, it is interesting to see what's new done?
  16. Is there any way to get the source for a given release? It doesn't appear to be tagged in subversion, and I can't find anywhere to download just the source.
  17. Why don't you guys move the source over to github? This would improve collaboration immensely...
  18. any chance of including the latest SWC in the repository?
  19. The tag 0.8.8 is now available.

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