360|Flex presentation: "Mate, a tab-based event-driven framework" by Laura Arguello

RIA Meetup presentation by Laura Arguello

Hello World with PHP by Neil Webb

Mate Framework animation by Sidney Maestre

Mate Framework at Flex at the Beach by N. S. Devaraj Part 2Part 3, Part 4


The Flex Show - Episode 47: Interview with Laura Arguello, creator of the Mate framework


360|Flex presentation: "Mate, a tab-based event-driven framework" by Laura Arguello

Introduction to Mate by Laura Arguello

360|MAX presentation: "Applying dependency injection" by Laura Arguello

MAX presentation: "Using Flex Frameworks to Build Data Driven Applications"

360|Flex presentation: "Breaking down your application with Mate" by Laura Arguello

CF.Objective presentation: "Mate for ColdFusion developers"

Notes for presentation to the Bay Area Application Developers Adobe User Group by Garry Garland

Presentation slides by Theo Rushin

Getting Friendly with Mate by Alex Pretescu

An Opinionated Introduction to Mate by John Blanco

Presentation to the London Flash Platform User Group by Gilles Guillemin


Virtual Panel: State of the Art in Enterprise Flex Frameworks - InfoQ by Dionysios G. Synodinos 

The Mate Framework from a Cairngorm Perspective - Inside RIA by Justin J Moses

A beginner's guide to the Mate framework for Adobe Flex - Adobe Edge Newsletter by Brain Rinaldi

Mate: event driven framework - Flash Magazine by Sean Moore

Choosing a Flex framework - Adobe Developer Center by Jeremy Wischusen

FrameworkQuest 2008 Part 5: Mate, the Pure MXML Framework - Inside RIA by Tony Hillerson

Photo Gallery Mate Framework, With Photo Caching - Inside RIA by Pete Mackie

Quick Introduction to the Mate Framework for Flex - RIA Zone by Simon Gladman

Selecting the Right Flex Application Framework - by Via Bulatao

Mate Framework review - 360 Whisperings by Eric Matthys

Netflix API with Mate by Jonathan Campos


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  1. The forums seem to have gone away? Is there an email list for Mate? irc channel? google group?

    More specifically, I'm looking for an example of how to handle a Mate application getting instantiated with passed in parameter, and firing events using that parameter.

    For example, say my users normally go to to run my app. What I'd like to do is if they go to (or something like that) my Mate app could use the parameter to fire the right events to do something different. Does that make sense? Thanks!

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