ActionListEvent Event indicating status changes in the IActionList (start, end, etc).
 Dispatcher The Dispatcher can be used to dispatch an event from anywhere in your application.
 DispatcherEvent Event that notifies when Dispatcher changes.
 EventProperties You can add properties to your event by using the EventProperties tag inside the eventProperties attibute in the Dispatcher.
 InjectorEvent This event is used by the InjectorRegistry to register a target for Injection.
 InjectorSettingsEvent Event that notifies when InjectorSettings changes.
 InternalResponseEvent Event used internally to send responses to the IReponseHandlers
 Listener Listener allows you to register a view as a listener for an event type.
 MateLogEvent Event used to send notifications when an error, warning, info, etc occurs.
 ResponseEvent Event used by ServiceResponseHandler to notify responses.
 UnhandledFaultEvent The event that is dispatched where there are no faultHandlers inside a service tag such as RemoteObjectInvoker, WebServiceObjectInvoker, HTTPServiceObjectInvoker
 UnhandledMessageFaultEvent The event that is dispatched when there are no faultHandlers inside the MessageHandlers tag