Style Loader

An example that lets the user choose a style to load and uses a Mate extension (StyleLoader) to load it from the event map.

This example shows:

  1. How to extend Mate by adding a tag that handles results and fault returned by Flex's Style Manager when loading a new compiler css style.
  2. How to use the CallBack tag in the view to receive calls sent by the event map.

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6 responses

  1. Nice, it looks like you are using Degrafa for skinning. Is this correct?
  2. Hi John,
    Yes, this example uses Degrafa to show the background patterns.
  3. hi , nice framework , I planning to use this in our big project , but i think since this is a loader , can you use a progressBar while its preloading? , I think this will be great if there is :) . I find your sample doesn't load the theme right away cause it takes a while to load the whole theme , I thought its not working till I wait a little longer. Please I'm gladly to see the next version :) . best regards
  4. Hi, I've been downloading and importing all the projects and so far I have not had any issues. However, when I try and run the code for this projects nothing happens. When I run it in debug mode I see the following error:

    method not implemented mx.core::IFlexModuleFactory/mx.core:IFlexModuleFactory::allowDomain()
    over-binding 0 in mx.core::FlexModuleFactory

    accessor not implemented mx.core:IFlexModuleFactory::preloadedRSLs
    over-binding 0 in mx.core::FlexModuleFactory
    VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of FlexModuleFactory in mx.core.FlexModuleFactory.

       at global$init()
  5. not work, in flash 10 and flex 3.4
  6. Does not work in Flex 4.1. Getting: 3608: 'loadStyleDeclarations' has been deprecated since 4.0. Please use 'IStyleManager2.loadStyleDeclarations on <br /> a style manager instance'.<br /><br />I tried using 'IStyleManager2' but that gives '1120: Access of undefined property IStyleManager2.' <br /><br />Has anyone get it to work in Flash Builder 4 using Flex SDK 4.1?

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