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A more complex Flickr example. This example must be served by a web server (configuration xml will not load when running the swf directly from the file system). You must add your Flickr API key in the configuration.xml file.

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  1. I've downloaded the source and it looks like there's a listener sequence extension added that allows chaining of different workers. The package is this publicly available? It doesn't seem to be in the latest swc. Thanks.
  2. Hi Todd,
    I believe you are talking about the namespace called builders in the MainMap.mxml file. That was a something left there from a Mate's previous life, when EventHandlers where called sequences (ListenerSequences to be exact).

    Workers are always called in sequence, and if you use lastReturn, you can receive the value returned by the previous worker, and thus, "chaining" them. Things are a bit different when there is an asynchronous call, but it follows the same principle.

    See Using lastReturn for more information. Also see EventHandlers, the last section called "Order of the inner tags is important" and Handling a service result or fault.

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