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Last week, I presented Mate at 360|Flex conference. We received very good feedback, so I think the presentation went well.

If you couldn't attend, you will still be able to see it because the slides and voice were recorded (thanks to Adobe!). You can subscribe to the 360|Flex feed in the Adobe Media Player or view it directly. There are many other presentation recorded, so I would recommend you to download the player and subscribe to the feed.

You can view it using AMP. Or directly at Adobe.tv

These are the slides in PDF format for reference.

The code for the example shown will be available for download soon.

I promised to post the link to the different UI design patterns: Paul Williams (thanks to Theo for the link).

A smaller version can be viewed below:

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  1. I'd be interested in seeing the source for the Movix sample application you presented.

    Also, I've been using PureMVC + Pipes for modular Flex applications. How would you recommend using Mate in a larger modular application?

    Nahuel, thanks for taking the time to talk with me after Laura's presentation. Great work, guys.
  2. Hi Francis,
    We have some guidelines about Modules here: Modules best practices but it really depends on how you have your modules organized.
    At this moment, all modules can communicate and handle events dispatched by other modules. Sometimes, that may not be what you want, we are working on some changes that will let you "isolate" event maps so that they will only be able to handle "per module" events.
  3. I just watched the video and just wanted to let you know how good I thought it was. We just started working on a large Flex project and needed to decide between Cairngorm, PureMVC and Mate. We chose Mate b/c the research we did online implied that it was better than the other frameworks, but to be honest I didn't truly understand why. The video has made a lot of the benefits much clearer to me.<br /><br />Happy face == Good \ Sad face == Bad<br /><br />Seems pretty clear to me ;)<br /><br />Thanks for the great presentation (and framework),<br />Hillel
  4. Thank you for posting this. I am very interested this Framework. Currently I am using Cairngorm and the number of almost identical files is killing me. Mate seems like an excellent evolution to event based frameworks for Flex.<br /><br />BTW - Will you be presenting or be at the Adobe MAX 2008 November event in San Francisco?
  5. Hai, thanks for this presentation. This is very helpfull and I wll be eveluating it the coming weeks. I was working on some security things and remote objects. Maybe I can integrate it with Mate. Will write a blog post if I managed to do it.
  6. Thanks for Mate! I always wanted to get into a framework, but Cairngorm and PureMVC always seemed to difficult to get into. Your approach helps me as a not too educated developer to understand things much better.<br /><br />Is it possible to see your Movix source on the examples page? I would like to see more on how you solved the injections to the moviedetails and the navigation (selectedObj) dependencies.
  7. Great presentation .. <br /><br />Would love to see the 'movix' source also ..
  8. I would also be interested in the movix source. It would be very helpful to be able to look at the complete source while watching the presentation.
  9. I just watched your 360Flex presentation (btw: loved the view with the little hands), and I think that your initial explanation of dependency injection would have confused me for sure if I did not know in advance that the property injectors don't &quot;place this data here and that data there&quot; upon an event. They just setup a data bind mapping (once for each instance of the target class) and then they are done. I am not very experienced in Flex, so I don't know what was obvious or assumed the audience should know. Binding being one of the primary means of data flow in Flex and also Mate and binding being a pre-requisite to understanding injection. Of course binding in Mate being used in a very controlled and tidy way - thanks to your efforts. Now, when you presented the UI parent/child example, then the power of dependency injection became really apparent. Brilliant!<br /><br />Question: No immediate need. Only curious, if I needed to inject into a specific object, and not all instances of a class of object, is there a nice way to specify the id of the desired target *object*?
  10. Emmet,<br />Thanks for the suggestion. I touched on bindings when I talked about one of the advantages of our approach. But note that injectors would copy the data only once if the source is not bindable, so bindings are not always set up.<br /><br />Regarding your question, PropertyInjector has a targetId attribute you can use to only inject objects with that id.
  11. Interesting. So the injectors can copy sometimes.<br /><br />Sorry, I'm embarrassed, I somehow read straight past the description of targetId. :(
  12. Don't be, the feature has always been there, but it was missing from the docs ;)
  13. HI, just wanted to know if the source for this will be released?
  14. I too am just starting out with Flex and deciding on which Framework to utilise. I'm watching your 360 Flex presentation as I type this and so far am very interested in the Mate Framework. I'm am also keen to see the source of the project you're discussing in the presentation (if it wasn't a commercial release of course).
  15. Hello Laura,<br />I just realized that was right after reading the documentation and make small Mate comoponentes with. When knowledge Cairgorm good but I think really repetitive to be Flex style, Mate really caught my attention when I saw him in a comment on Twitter. Full of simplicity, speed in development, reading the source code, efficiency in the handling of events and resources.<br />This seems to me the best example so far. Excellent presentation, fill all the gaps left when you read the documents.<br />Excellent work continues like this.<br /><br />Kind regards
  16. Hi Laura,<br />The presentation is terrific. It clarifies some things I didn't understand before. Great job with the framework! I wish you best luck in the future.<br />Is it possible to get source files of the movix project?<br /><br />Regards
  17. Excellent presentation! But what I'm missing (and others too) is source of this &quot;example&quot;. Is it possible to get it somewhere, somehow?<br />Thanks ;).<br /><br />Regards...
  18. Great presentation. I'm also interesting in source code if there is some? <br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://sessions.onflex.org/1733261879.xml">http://sessions.onflex.org/1733261879.xml</a>; seems not working
  19. Hi Laura,<br />Excellent presentation. Where can I get hold of the example code<br /><br />Thanks in advance<br />Prab
  20. Outstanding presentation and framework. Is it possible that you have the source code of the Movix application release so we could study more?<br /><br />Thank you.<br />Vinh
  21. Great presentation! Is the source code for MOVIX available?
  22. you can download moviex player for free with serial directly newsoft.orgfree.com
  23. Nice presentation just what i was looking for ..
  24. I was looking for a simple explanation of any MVC Framework. MAte seems so simple and Lecturer explained very well.<br />Thank you
  25. Please give a download link for offline viewing. (Adobe Media Player doesn't work).<br />Btw, thanks

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