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Sample application by Simon Gladman

Simon Gladman has posted a sample application he created. He explains the application and how he implemented it in his introductory post. Source code is available.

FrameworkQuest 2008 Part 6: The Exciting Conclusion

Tony Hillerson has finished his frameworks review at InsideRIA. A must read if you are on the fence for one framework or another.

FrameworkQuest 2008 Part 5: Mate, the Pure MXML Framework

Tony Hillerson at InsideRIA has written an article on Mate as part of a series comparing Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, and Swiz. A good read and interesting comparison on a Twitter application written all four frameworks.

RokTop, a Flex mashup by Josh Tynjala

Josh Tynjala has built a very cool mashup using Mate and Flint particle systems that combines the top musical artists on Last.fm with the community conversations on Twitter.

He built the application to explore Mate and experiment with Flint. Even though this was a "learning tool" it is very polished and it looks great.

He says:

To me, [Mate] felt like I spent less time making the framework do its thing because I wasn't creating half a dozen different classes to get one minor action to happen, yet it still felt organized.

The source is available, so you can fully explore this fun app. He also posted some additional information in this entry.

Data Flow Diagram by Farata Systems

Yakov Fain of Farata Systems have been evaluating Flex frameworks and he has drawn a diagram that shows data flow in the case of injecting data from the model to the view directly.

The diagram corresponds to the case shown in the documentation called Two-way communication via model: Using view injection.

Thanks Yakov!