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Virtual Panel: State of the Art in Enterprise Flex Frameworks

I was interviewed, along with other frameworks' contributors, by Dionysios Synodinos from InfoQ about developing enterprise applications with Flex.

You can read the full article at InfoQ.

Photo Gallery With Photo Caching

Pete Mackie has written a great tutorial on how to create a photo gallery on InsideRIA. It not only covers the basics, but also the use of the Presentation Model pattern. It uses PHP on the backend for those who always wonder how that part is done, but it should still apply to all backends that use remoting.

Architecture Animation

Sid Maestre has created a nice animation that explains how the framework works. It is always good to explain things in a different way. Thanks Sid!

Resources by Peter Andreas Molgaard

Peter Andreas Molgaard has been writing posts, examples, extensions and giving presentations about Mate. Very good resources and fun presentations. Thanks Peter!

A fun way to open a native window in AIR with MATE

MATE CacheSetter.. a quick and dirty introduction

Invoking the Flex Compiler from Adobe AIR… with Merapi and the Flex Compiler API

FlashCamp Sofia 2009… Presentation

FC / FB Workflow Optimizer… sources available

Mate… StopAndDispatchHandlers Extension

Mate… Lightweight Schedule Extension

Flash Catalyst / Flash Builder Workflow Optimizer

Mate… the true story behind the name

FrameworkQuest 2008 Part 5: Mate, the Pure MXML Framework

Tony Hillerson at InsideRIA has written an article on Mate as part of a series comparing Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, and Swiz. A good read and interesting comparison on a Twitter application written all four frameworks.