FrameworkQuest 2008 Part 5: Mate, the Pure MXML Framework

Tony Hillerson at InsideRIA has written an article on Mate as part of a series comparing Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, and Swiz. A good read and interesting comparison on a Twitter application written all four frameworks.

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  1. good one.
  2. Well done Mate! I have been trying Mate and like it a lot.

    Do you have any feedback on Tony Hillarson's comment in conclusion article : " The only thing is I don’t think I fully understand how it scales, and the way it does view and object cacheing is a little bit of magic. Magic isn’t bad, but again, I just don’t know what pitfalls await me while using it."

    Whilst most of my apps are small it would be nice to know a few details/stats of some large Mate apps to clear any doubts.
  3. johans,
    I am planning to cover that issue at my 360|Flex Indianapolis session.

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