MAX Source Code and Slides

This is the code we distributed together with the other 3 frameworks' code for our MAX session titled "Using Flex Frameworks to Build Data-Driven Applications". I didn't include the code for the other frameworks because I wasn't sure if I had their latest versions. I'll update the links here when they post the code in their respective websites.

Instructions to run the application:

  1. Start the database: Open a DOS prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac), navigate to sampledb and execute startdb.bat (Windows) or (Mac)
  2. Start Tomcat: Open a DOS prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac), navigate to tomcat/bin and execute catalina run (Windows) or run (Mac)
  3. In Flex Builder click File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace. Specify 'projects' as the root directory and click Finish

These are the slides I used.

Update: code for PureMVC by Javier Julio

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  1. Great, Thanks for sharing Laura.
  2. Thanks for sharing Laura!
  3. Hi,

    Wasn't this session recorded like the others at
    I wonder if it's viewable somewhere.
  4. Hi Eric,
    No, the labs/hands-on sessions were not recorded.
  5. Hi Laura,

    Do you have a transcript of what you said on these slides? I missed the MAX session.

    Scott L.
  6. Laura,
    These slides are excellent, they clearly explain the process of organizing a cluttered app.

    New readers, be aware that many slides have copy/paste errors in headers. You'll need to keep track in your head what version you're looking at.

    I made it and understand the basics from these slides and looking at the source projects concurrently. Thanks Laura for your efforts here. I'm starting my first real Mate based project today.

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