New Mate examples and extensions project

Theo Hultberg has created an open source project to share examples that use Mate and extensions for Mate.

He has already added a great example called "Document Based" that takes advantage of the new LocalEventMap tag. He has written a walkthrough for his example and more information, all worth reading.

Not only he created the application, showing some key features and best practices, including how to use the Presentation Model pattern, but he also created a set of tests. Those tests cases show how you can test your Flex application, and how Mate makes it easier to write tests because it encourages developers to write decoupled applications.

Thanks to Theo and we hope you find it useful and contribute your own examples.

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  1. HI, there,

    Actually I wrote a MVC Framework Introduction series blog in Chinese 3 months ago. and The Mate one check here:



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