Version 0.9 Released

Version 0.9 has been released. Thanks to Cliff Meyers and Nick Matelli for their contributions!

What's changed:

  • Added PropertyGetter tag
  • Added "useFault" property to MockRemoteObject: when true, any unhandled error in the mock service call will dispatch a fault; when false, error will be rethrown. Default behavior is useFault=true and is backwards compatible
  • Added support for localization (BabelFx framework)

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  1. Hoi Laura,

    Thanks for this new release. I'm glad Mate is still developing to a better framework. I hope you will fix some problems with the Garbage Collector on the next release.

    Keep on the good work!
  2. Hi!

    Thank you for good product!
  3. Thanks Team! This is a great framework!
  4. OK... while the new release is encouraging there is the business side of the question here. (1) What is the significance of the point release to 0.9? (2) Is there a roadmap to 1.0 that is part of a work on and deliver under way? (3) We need some more complete training on the topic... which I would be glad to help create. (That is where I would like to contribute based of course on the first two quesions.)
  5. Hi,

    It sounds good to add new tags and I am really glad that the fraemwork is still being worked on.

    But surely the docs should have been updated for the new functions? Can't see anything explaining the PropertyGetter tag.

    Also is there a roadmap - are people still developing? I really hope so tbh.

  6. Hi! Thanks!

    Somehow, the release did not make it into Maven repo. Could you please fix that?

    - Dominik
  7. Hi.
    Is Mate still actively being worked on / with?
    e.g. Flex 4.5 support?
  8. How can I integrate Mate in an existing Flash Builder / Flex 4.5 project?

    A video tutorial would be great!
  9. @ ShallenTJ
    There shouldn't be a problem in using Mate with Flex 4.5 . Just add the swc to your projects library.
    If you give me some time I'll update the CafeTownsend example for Flex 4.5 including a separate Flex Library Project.
  10. @JurLan,

    Great! While you are at it, please attempt to make a step-by-step video tutorial of the process. I have learnt so much from the Adobe video tutorials, compared to huge pieces of text from the documentation. Times have changed and the medium of education has changed too.

    Thanks a lot!
  11. @ ShallenTJ

    Oh man, I'm really not the video making kinda guy, it would be such a mess :-)
    Anyway, I'm working on a mate example and I'll make sure I document the code really well.
    I can't put anything online yet since I just switched hosting, so I want to wait until the whole transfer thing is OK.
    Stay tuned ;-)
  12. Hi,
    Is Mate still active? the latest release was on December, 15, 2010... It seems to be promising framework... but if it is not being worked on... then there is a danger is using it in commercial products. Please let us know if this project is still active or if it is stopped.

  13. Hi,

    Would like to know if Mate is still active?

    It is a great Framework. Been using it for few years.
    Thanks for all the good work.
  14. Yes, we've also been using this framework at Johnson Space Center for years and would love to know if it's still alive.

    Thanks! :)
  15. I'll take that as a "No, Mate is dead."
  16. @ Anton Thorn,

    You woke up a post from the graveyard :)

    Flash is dead.

    Flex is dead and so is Mate.

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